Guest Sydney Cowper joins Mike Chantaj's J-Cut Podcast

Mike Chantaj digs into film and freelance editing

Last year, J-Cut Podcast's Mike Chantaj sat down with film editor Sydney Cowper. They discussed the DGC (Directors Guild of Canada), editing independent feature length films when she was 21 years old, and how to manage client expectations.

Other topics include how creatives work ourselves so much they can get sick, how it led to her having panic attacks and thinking she might be dying, searching for jobs online, the death of independent film, safety on set, stress and anxiety, and the astronomical amounts of money that is spent in the film industry that could be spent saving the world instead.

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The J-Cut Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by independent filmmaker Mike Chantaj where he sits down to talk with other creative people about their careers, passions and lives. The hope is to expand people's ideas about what kinds of creative careers are out there, be it in film, art, music and more.

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