All In Collective Podcast w/ Kathryn Lang | Business Minds Series


Welcome to the first episode of Business Minds!

Our first guest is Kathryn Lang. She's an intrepreneur, an eCommerce specialist, and has excellent insights about business as she's worked with hundreds of brands and CPGs (consumer packaged goods). We discuss common mistakes by entrepreneurs, successful tactics DTC (direct to consumer) brands are using in the eCommerce space, advice that's worked for her personal and professional life, and more. 


Business Minds episode #1 with Kathryn Lang:

  • 01:45 - Kathryn Lang and her experience
  • 03:30 - Lessons SMBs (Small to Medium Businesses) can take from CPGs (Consumer Packaged Goods).
  • 06:35 - Using data to provide unique value and community to customers.
  • 09:07 - The importance of setting your ego aside and the power of truly listening.
  • 13:15 - Keeping your "Why" at the core of all actions and doing only what you're good at.
  • 21:32 - Brand, books, podcasts, rest and recharge recommendations.
  • 30:48 - What Kathryn is proud of and rediscovering herself through life changes.

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