J-Cut Podcast w/ Taylor Brockelsby, by Mike Chantaj

Mike Chantaj explores the technology and journey of sound editing and mixing.

(Recorded in 2019, pre-pandemic restrictions)


Taylor Brockelsby and Mike Chantaj discuss Taylor's career as a DCG (Directors Guild of Canada) Sound Editor and freelance sound mixer. He has worked on a long list of television shows, commercials, and films, including "The Nut Job 2", Netflix's "The Silence," and the Academy Award-nominated film for Best Animated Feature "The Breadwinner." They talk about spending money wisely on gear to make your workflow more efficient, what the process and hierarchy of post-production audio work are, how Taylor's life is a series of putting out fires, and he likes it that way because that keeps the creative folks in their creative zone while he worries about the rest. But he still gets to meet the big names while working behind the scenes. Other topics include navigating modern technology, not taking yourself too seriously (because, after all - we're not saving lives), his thoughts on going to film school, and the differences between sound editing/mixing on reality TV, commercials, and films. 

Taylor Brockelsby: https://www.brockelsbysound.ca/  

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