J-Cut Podcast w/ Scott Law, by Mike Chantaj

Mircobin Films features The J-Cut Podcast by Mike Chantaj. 

In the first episode of The J-Cut Podcast, Mike Chantaj sits down with professional voiceover actor Scott Law. They discuss how Scott practiced voices while working the Starbucks drive-through, being a network voice for Showcase television at 25 years old, dealing with the rejection when you fail at 95% of your auditions and how Scott found the repetitive nature of film too soul-crushing, prompting his head-first dive into voiceover work.

But we deduce that hard work does pay off, and now Scott has an action figure of a character he plays in Bakugan: Battle Planet. Other discussion topics include union vs non-union jobs, when to get an agent, going rates, and how attitude is key to landing your jobs. 

The J-Cut Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by independent filmmaker Mike Chantaj where he sits down to talk with other creative people about their careers, passions and lives. The hope is to expand people's ideas about what kinds of creative jobs are out there in film, art, music, and more. 

You can find host Mike Chantaj at: https://mikechantaj.com, guest Scott Law at: https://scottthelaw.com, and Microbin Films at: https://microbinfilms.com

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