J-Cut Podcast w/ Josh Laszlo, by Mike Chantaj

Mike Chantaj explores sports cinematography and sports media

(Recorded in 2019, pre-pandemic restrictions) 

Sports Cinematographer Josh Laszlo and Mike Chantaj discuss how Josh discovered his dream job, travelling for work, gear, the difficulties of getting the shot in the 60 seconds you have with the players and trying to make it feel fresh every time. They catch up on projects they ran into each other on, and how sometimes you need to ditch perfection and have a proper work-life balance. 

Discussion topics also include the chaos of working in sports media, working with famous athletes, using Twitter to find work, how much money it can take to invest in your camera gear, and the challenges of finding a work-life balance when travelling for work. 

Josh Laszlo - https://joshlaszlo.com 

The J-Cut Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by independent filmmaker Mike Chantaj where he sits down to talk with other creative people about their careers, passions and lives. He hopes to expand people's ideas about what kinds of creative jobs are out there in film, art, music, and more. 

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