Introducing the ALL IN COLLECTIVE Success Planner

After years of searching for the best success planner (purchasing various brands, getting recommendations, and searching online) I decided to create my own solution.


(The issue with most planners and organizers)

  1. They somehow don't have enough space to write in, yet they're cluttered with useless sections.
  2. Poor craftsmanship with low-quality paper, bad binding, and unattractive covers.
  3. They're not structured to keep you on track as you work towards different goals.


Build a planner using the ALL IN COLLECTIVE objective to make it easier for determined, goal-oriented, and passionate people to be more successful.

  1. Gather insights to design a layout that gives people a consistent flow with the space to adjust day-to-day.
  2. Use 70 lb recycled paper, perfect bound flat lay binding, and a smooth black matte vegan leather hardcover.
  3. Create a personal, priority, and recharge goal system to help folks stay organized, focused, and balanced.

Business notes outlining the notebook build.


*UPDATE* This Kickstarter campaign has now been funded! 

I'm humbled, grateful, and excited by all the support. To have so many people support my Kickstarter during a difficult year, directly after Black Friday and over the holidays means a lot.

Thanks to everyone who liked and commented on posts, re-shared my links and videos, and/or told their friends and family about the campaign, you helped spread the word. I was delighted to see backer pledge names I knew, but also several I didn't know. Many people learned about the campaign through your very vocal support.

Despite unavoidable delays in launching the Kickstarter, my decision to limit the campaign to a 27-day deadline, and the last week happening over the Christmas holiday, we hit the goal on the last day (Dec 30th). It was a group effort down to the wire. Every single pledge contributed to a win at the end of 2020.
We've completed the first step of the project's journey. Now that it's funded, I'll be moving into the production and manufacturing phase. Once Kickstarter has processed the funds (in a couple of weeks) the next phase can begin. To follow the project's progress and for full project details, visit the Kickstarter page

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