Q&A: Steph "Iron Lioness" Dykstra

One of ALL IN COLLECTIVE's main objectives is to help you reach your goals through the lessons learned through collective knowledge. In this Q&A series, founders, artists, and entrepreneurs across various industries share a few of their lessons so we can glean some insights into our own journey.

  • Name: Steph "Iron Lioness" Dykstra
  • Company: Iron Lion Training Inc., founded January 2010
  • Title: Co-Owner, Creative Director, Head of Martial Arts Program, Coach (I'm Jamaican, so I have like 10 jobs.)

What inspires you?
Guiding folks to a better quality of life through exercise, nutrition, stress and sleep management.

What does it inspire you to do?
Ensure folks can get access to our services, and that they feel comfortable, and safe while they pursue bettering themselves in these ways.

Fitness dancing team

What's something that challenges you?
Wearing multiple 'hats' (working within numerous roles)

How do you deal with or respond to that challenge?
I approach this challenge by slowing down, reminding myself what my role is in the moment, and how I can best use my skills/training/experience to provide great service while being true to our brand values (community, strength, balance, and simplicity).

What's the best advice you've ever been given?
"Follow the 'recipe' until you know it by heart, then make it 'better' using your unique skills, and tools." The 'recipe' is the general rules and systems, which we get away from to be different, or better. These 'recipes', formulas for managing the business and members, are important to follow until you are successful (because we know they work!) rather than making up new rules/recipes that haven't been tried or tested.

Team members around a lifting machine

What's one miscalculation, mistake, or accident that ended up being a blessing in disguise?
The biggest mistake we've made is trying to be 'nice', rather than 'fair to the business, and ourselves'. We resisted firm rules/systems to be different, but most systems in place at successful businesses similar to our business have rules/systems in place to avoid misunderstandings, as well as communicate expectations (both client, and coach) transparently. This is important especially if growth (which it is for us) is the goal.

What is one good habit or action that makes you better?
Holding myself accountable to being my best, asking myself honestly every day what I can do to be better, serve my clients, and members better, and run our business efficiently, and successfully.

Boxing team in boxing ring

What's something you're happy about or are currently celebrating in your life or Iron Lion Training?
We are grateful to have celebrated our 3rd year of business in our physical location - this is awesome for new businesses. Gyms, in particular, are shaky to start and most fail within in the first 3 years. We are thrilled to be getting better, growing, and now looking to add people to our team, as well as grow into a larger location!

Steph Dykstra smiling

You can visit Iron Lion Training online here. Also, follow Steph and Iron Lion on social:

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* All images provided by and used with the permission of Steph Dykstra

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