How to Get Motivated


You know those times when you can't seem to find the drive to seize the day. We all have days when we aren't feeling 100% like our 'hustler, can't stop won't stop, get shit done' self. On those days, it's important to think about what does motivate you. For some, it might be what first motivated them to start their journey. For others, it means the quote, song, place or person that gets them inspired to take action.

Today, take time to write down the person, place or thing that motivates you, we'll call it your 'firestarter'. On days that you are motivated, before you get started on your tasks, visit or experience your firestarter. This will help your mind create a connection between being motivated and your firestarter. Then, on days when you're not feeling motivated, visiting your firestarter will help get you in the zone.

Man working on a computer while wearing headphones

My firestarter is the first song (Take Five by Dave Brubeck) in an instrumental jazz playlist I listen to when I need to zone in and focus. It's not a fast-paced energy pumping song. It's actually quite mellow, but it hypnotizes my mind to get focused on the task at hand. I've now associated this playlist with the success of getting things done and I look forward to playing it. It's become my motivational starter pistol.

Other examples of firestarters can include inspirational Instagram accounts, morning workouts, a tea flavour you only drink while working, or a secret handshake between colleagues.

Taking the time to identify your firestarter and reinforcing its association with successful/fulfilling events is like storing motivation for later. We all have days when we think, "I just can't seem to get going today." On those days now you'll be ready.

You can listen to my firestarter Spotify playlist here.

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