Hack Yourself: Reprogram Your Habits

Lesson #2: Lessons for Entrepreneurial Success (Maybe, with Hard Work and Luck)

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It’s honesty time. Do you work best at a cafe, but often work from your couch and end up watching “just one more” episode of your favourite show? Whatever your bad habit is, it’s time to start putting yourself in the best position to succeed. Here’s the good news; humans are just adaptable animals with developed frontal lobes. That means you can hack your old habits and reprogram yourself today so you’re more successful tomorrow.

Person sitting on a bed with a tray with tea and snacks.

For example, trace back how you ended up on the couch in the first place. You might discover that you watch a bit of TV while you eat breakfast or drink your coffee. What’s the harm, right? You’re eating anyway, might as well finish that episode from last night. When breakfast is finished, you sit on the couch, turn off the TV and start working. A few hours later, because Netflix is more interesting than returning Karen’s email, you turn on the TV. After all, you deserve a little break. Fast forward to a few hours later and Netflix is asking: Are you still watching “How I Met Your Mother”?

Person sitting down with their feet on a coffee table watching Netflix.

Don’t let your habits rule you. Rule yourself by creating better habits. The habit trigger was breakfast, so eat it at the kitchen table, with the TV off. Then reward yourself by getting your coffee at a cafe and spend time working from there. We already established that you work best from a cafe anyways. A couple of great books on the subject are Atomic Habits and The Power of Habits.1,2 Tracing your habits to their trigger will make you the master of your actions and become Legen- wait for it… -dary. Legendary!

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